Successful implementation of the Erasmus + Program in the academic year 2019/2020

Students from El Oud University from Algeria and Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature from Montenegro started their Erasmus+ exchange at the IUNP. Students will have the opportunity to attend the classes from the subjects they have selected and to take exams at the end of the summer semester. Students from the IUNP participate in the Erasmus + program and successfully attend the summer semester in Montenegro at the FMLL.  Through the Program three more students from the IUNP will attend winter semester 2020/21. at the University of El-Oued in Algeria while two students will attend FMLL.

Erasmus+ is a program supported by the EU and aims to provide funding for higher education cooperation in three areas: education, youth, and sport. Thanks to the successful cooperation of the IUNP with El Oud University and FMLL, the mobility of students and academic staff has been made possible with the financial support of the European Union. The IUNP expects further cooperation, as well as the expansion of the network of universities with which bilateral and inter-institutional cooperation has been established. So far this network has numerous universities from Europe, Asia, and Africa.