Panel discussion Education in an integrated Europe at the IUNP

The International University of Novi Pazar convenes a panel entitled Education in an integrated Europe to be held at the University.

This panel aims to initiate a discussion of the current conceptualization of education in an integrated Europe and the reflections of this conceptualization in various discourses in / on education in an integrated Europe.

We wish to examine the various dimensions of education in the EU and its discursive events and views on the social and cultural embeddedness. We are interested in how political realities, including the various tensions in relation to nationalism, and the socio – economic changes that shape the impact of education on the identity of the individual as well as the politics of identity. No doubt there are interpersonal and institutional dimensions.

Finally, we intend to look into the role of education in promoting intercultural dialogue and multicultural literacy, as well as to identify and evaluate the role of education in forming the identity of the individual, to unfolded suggestions pro et contra the EU framework of education, to point out at the peculiarities of the education within the EU, to recognize the EU impact on education and the impact of education on EU integration.

The idea behind the panel, however, is to bring different scholars to contribute their original and innovative work on the mapping concept and importance of education in the EU as well as the role of education in the EU integration process, with special emphasis on the integration and accession processes and their interpenetration that dramatically affect the lives of people.

Keynote speaker: Prof. dr Marcel van de Voorde

The other panel participants are highly positioned in their higher education state or privately-owned institutions from throughout the region and they are going to discuss the experieces from their establishments. Some of them are:

1.        Prof. Tarik Obralić, PhD – Univerzitet Travnik, BiH – professor

2.        Prof. Refik Šećibović, PhD –Visoka škola za turizam i menadžment, Konjic, BiH – founder

3.        Prof. Enver Halilović, PhD – University in Tuzla, Tuzla, BiH – rector

4.        Prof. Radmilo Todosijević, PhD – University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia – professor

5.        Prof. Mevlud Dudić, PhD – International University of Novi Pazar, Novi Pazar, Serbia – professor

6.        Prof. Senad Bušatlić, PhD – International University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, BiH – Vicerector for education

Official languages: English, Bosnian and Serbian language

Date: 31 March 2014

Venue: Multimedia Room, International University of Novi Pazar


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