Word of the president

Six hundred years after revealing Injil, the heavens were re-opened again and the Word of God was sent to people. The first word that flowed through this clear stream of faith was: ‘Read! In the name of your Lord Who has created…’ Surah 96. Al Alaq (1-5)

It was uttered by dear God before the command: ‘Believe!’ and even before all other orders which were sent in the name of the Glorious Lord to the people, and this is, among other things, is because people do not know how to live without learning, do not know how to work, do not know how to have pride, do not know how to and cannot have culture, and cannot even believe.

‘Here we have been waiting for the Sun of the University to lighten up this part of the sky above us for so long, but this waiting has not stopped us at all, and we are determined to enjoy in the Sun indeed, by investing our efforts, relying on all the potentials of people living in this area. Really, there are many dark, ominous clouds that have hung both above and beyond many other spaces, so that our Sun will need a lot of light to disperse them. And we are convinced, with God’s help, that the Sun will be able to tear off all these ominous clouds, whether this cloud is called drug, crime, corruption, or some other form of immorality.

We are completely aware of one fact that the dear God let us live on this intersection. In the difficult times, this Sandzak intersection has been a heavy windward side, where it was not just easy to exist and to survive. But the same intersection actually represents places of a mix of cultures, civilizations and faith.

We consider this to be our advantage, we are proud of it, and we want to use this potential to the maximum. And we firmly believe that the University of Novi Pazar will be one of the main pillars of promoting these values’.

Mufti Muamer ef. Zukorlic, PhD,