About University

International University of Novi Pazar was established on the ground of the centurial encounter and a mix of various peoples and cultures. It was founded in 2002 as an endowment (waqf), with the objective that education and continuous pursuit of gaining knowledge would be the best and most recognizable brands of this region. This higher education institution is among the first in our country to design a system of studies according to the model of Western European countries. Such intentions of establishers – endower or wakifers have been confirmed first of all through establishing cooperation with numerous prominent universities in the country and abroad, with the possibility of implementing student exchange programs.

We will mention only some of the foreign universities that the contractual cooperation has been achieved with:

American City University (ACU), whose only authorized representative is the Institute “Gnosis” from Podgorica. This contract was the first step towards the possibility for our students to do part of their education in the United States; University of Szeged (Hungary); College in Dunaujvaros (Hungary); University of Sarajevo; University “Džemal Bijedić” from Mostar (BiH); University of Bihać (BiH); State University of Tetovo (MK); University “Sveti Kliment Ohridski” (MK).

The program of cooperation with these and other universities in the wider Balkan and European areas refers to projects that include: long-term cooperation in all areas of common interest; interconnection, engagement and exchange of professors and teaching assistants; free exchange of necessary professional literature, assistance and professional support in the quality implementation of contemporary principles and standards of teaching-scientific process; intensive involvement of both sides in research processes; organization of scientific and professional meetings, consultations, seminars, round tables, etc.
That qualitative high education of young people is the most important goal we are endeavoring; many other forms of cooperation can prove this, such as the cooperation with the: US Embassy in the application of FORECAST and other study programs, cooperation with the “Gete Institute” from Belgrade, etc.

Multiculturalism and Multiethnic – the highest values our country possesses, the region of which we are a part of, represent an inexhaustible source of positive energy from which we constantly draw strength to new and higher educational and cognitive ranges. The International University of Novi Pazar with its departments realizes the proclaimed goals in the spirit of the idea that any genuine valued thoughts and ideas can survive only in the complete freedom of intellectual space, knowing how precious knowledge is and its real power.

In the field of higher education, the University performs educational, scientific research, expert-consulting and publishing activities, and may perform other tasks that commercialize the results of scientific research, provided that such work does not jeopardize the quality of teaching.

The activities of the University are:

* high education
* activity of other higher education institutions
* higher education (higher vocational education)
* education of adults and other education mentioned elsewhere (life-long education)
* research and development
* publishing books, brochures and other publications
* publishing magazines and similar periodicals
* printing
* providing advice on computer equipment
* providing advice and creating computer programs
* data processing
* database creation
* other computer related activities
* other legal affairs
* market research and public opinion polls
* engineering
* consulting and management jobs
* retail sale of books, newspapers and stationery
* other retail stores in specialized stores
* dormitories for pupils and students
* children’s and youth resorts
* canteen
* activity of libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities
* showing films
* radio and TV activity
* sports activities