Department of Philological Studies
Dear students and faculty,

We warm-heartedly welcome you to the Department of Philological Studies!

There are four study programs within the Department of Philological studies: Bosnian language and literature, Serbian language and literature, English language and literature and German language and literature.

Upon completion of any of the afore mentioned programs, students become undergraduate philologists, i.e., teachers of the German language and literature, English language and literature, Serbian language and literature and Bosnian language and literature with 240 ECTS which allows them to continue with their one-year master’s degree.

All study programs are designed according to the corresponding programs at universities that cherish philological disciplines. The faculty comprises eminent experts from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as visiting native speakers of English and German language (Germany, Austria, Great Britain, USA) that guarantee quality service. Professional faculty ensures an environment where students obtain excellent theoretical and practical knowledge that allows them to become highly-sophisticated experts in their fields and disciplines.

The lessons are conducted by using the most advanced methods and approaches, first-class equipment such as language labs, tools for distance learning, smart boards, video projectors for presentations and other teaching tools. By using the University Library that possesses a high number of books and other extra curriculum activities students of our department are able to expand their social life experience and later enhance their opportunities of getting a job in areas not related to teaching, i.e., in media, cultural institutions, administrative affairs, etc.

In addition to undergraduate studies, the Department of Philological Studies organizes master and PhD courses that allow students to obtain higher scientific titles – MA and PhD.

The University Senate decreed the Department of Philological Studies to offer professional seminars and courses in the Bosnian and Serbian language for preschool teachers, primary and secondary school teachers and professors that are already involved in the process of teaching. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Austrian institute for German language ÖSD, the department organizes courses for obtaining German language certificates at all levels (A1 to C2).

Professor Jahja Fehratović, PhD, Head of the Department of Philological Studies

Assistant  Mersija Camović, MA, Secretary of the Department of Philological Studies