History of the Department

The Department of Economics has begun its development from the moment the University was established and since then it has peformed to fulfill and complete educational structure of the University.

Since 2009, all University study programs have been realized through six departments. Over the years the Department of Economics has developed in terms of faculty by always having renowned visiting experts in the field of economics and other disciplines taught in addition to creating its own faculty that currently perform most important university affairs (Rector, General Manager, PhD Studies Office, Library).

The Department has always awarded most successful students with a chance to take part in scientific and research activities and become a solid foundation of further development of the Department, which students have certainly done. Having great spacial and technical conditions at their disposal, students can attend lessons in comfortable and well-equipped classrooms.

Since 2012, the Department has published eleven editions of scientific magazine Economic challenges. The magazine has laid foundation for further development of faculty and their theoretical and practical competences with the final goal of improving the Department and science in general. Professional practice courses have provided practical aspects of teaching. The Department went a step further and introduced Business Economics program that has compulsory Professional practice courses on its first three years. It is of crucial essence for students to practically apply their theoretical knowledge and learn how economics functions in practice.